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Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment

When a Tooth pain occurs due to external stimulation, it usually due to physical causes. You might have a cavity or an enamel-related problem. This kind of pain is usually dull, throbbing, and spontaneous.

Root Canal Treatment is Painless

Root Canal Treatment becomes necessary when the pulp inside the tooth gets infected. This can also cause a certain degree of inflammation. Such infections happen due to several reasons. These can be: tooth decay, chipped teeth, or cavities. Many people stay away from the therapy to avoid root canal therapy pain. However, the pain factor is only a myth.

C-Shaped root canal treatment

Dentists do a C-shaped root canal treatment, in the case of a curved canal. The first and most important step is for your dentist to identify beforehand if this is the case with you. You need not worry about a curved canal, though. It is not abnormal and your dentist can treat it easily. Your dentist will be using tools like anticurvature filling and crown-down techniques.

Root Canal Treatment and Crowns

Crowns are the final steps of root canal therapy. You would be surprised to know how easy the entire process is. Also, it would make your teeth look natural. Teeth usually require crowns for protection. Molars, especially, require them, since they need support for biting and exerting force. Front teeth do not necessarily need crowns, but it is better to get one, to prevent damage again.

Sometimes, you might need a root canal treatment bridgework for your teeth. This is especially in cases with more than one lost tooth. Tooth bridges span the area of these missing teeth.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to the material for both crowns and bridges. You can also get custom-made ones to match the color of your teeth.