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Dental Health Information for Patients
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We are a professionally managed, elegant, family-friendly dental centre providing quality, painless, ethical dentistry at an affordable cost with minimum visits under strict infection control precautions.

Patients across the world trust us to handle all dental procedures and as a referral centre for complex cases and second opinions. Our specialist teams ensure personalized and clear treatment plans based on international protocols.

Our special focus is not only on treatment, but on prevention as well. We can help you and your loved ones prevent and reduce dental ailments. If you need an experienced dental team, we can help you.

2. Will Root Canal Treatment Hurt ?

Many endodontic procedures are performed to relieve the pain of toothaches caused by pulp inflammation or infection, and for the first few days after treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive, especially if there was pain or infection before treatment. At Dental Smilez, we ensure that these procedures are done as painlessly as possible, with the effective and scientific use of local anesthetics, rotary endodontic equipment and post – operative analgesic prescription.

3. How long will this procedure take?

On average, Root Canal Therapy can take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour in one sitting. However, depending on the complexity of each case, and comfort and convenience unique to every patient, the duration and number of appointments required is flexible and patient – centric.

4. For our younger patients

  1. Child-friendly information for children and parents, describing the Why, What and How of Tooth pain (Multiple sets based on age?)
  2. Printable child-friendly pre/post-operative instructions.
  3. Resources (such as games/fun quizzes/puzzles based on the disease and procedure) to help familiarize child prior to treatment. 


 5. I have recently ceased/ am currently on medication for a medical illness/condition. Do I need to tell my Dentist?

Yes. It is important to disclose any and all medical and oral health history to your Dentist, prior to treatment. Root Canal Therapy involves the administration of small doses of Local Anaesthesia, minimal but necessary exposure to X – Rays and post-operative prescription of antibiotics and analgesics. Some medical diseases and conditions may adversely affect, or be affected by these and other procedures, requiring additional precautions and measures. A detailed medical history will help us at Dream Smilez provide effective oral health care specific to every patient.

6. I am pregnant. Is it safe to get Root Canal Therapy done at this time?

Where possible, non – emergency procedures are advised during the second trimester of pregnancy. However, root canal therapy may be safely performed throughout pregnancy to minimize dental pain and infection harmful to both mother and foetus. At Dream Smilez, we take particular care in planning treatment for expectant mothers. In addition to the use of lead aprons, thyroid collars and minimal exposure during diagnostic X – Ray imaging, all medication (including local anesthesia) prescribed is safe for both the mother and foetus.

7. Why does my child require Root Canal Therapy on his/her milk tooth? Since it will fall out soon, is it really necessary?

Young children can lose primary (milk) teeth and even immature permanent teeth when the pulp becomes infected. This is often the result of trauma or tooth decay and creates a special problem for the child. The primary teeth provide important guides for the newly developing permanent teeth that will replace them. And injury resulting in loss of young permanent teeth can be even more troublesome, because neither tooth development, nor jaw growth is complete.
If teeth are lost prematurely, a malocclusion (“mal” – bad; “occlusion” – bite) can easily result. Tooth replacement techniques such as partial dentures, bridgework and dental implants cannot easily be used in children while everything is changing and growing so rapidly. “Space maintainers,” specially made appliances that can be attached to adjacent teeth or fabricated in a removable “retainer” style, are generally the best choice. Yet many do not restore function, and all require constant monitoring.
For both functional and cosmetic reasons, root canal therapy is preferable to tooth loss. It can preserve tooth, jaw and tongue function. It can also prevent speech problems, and abnormal eruption of a permanent successor tooth, or even the loss of a tooth that has no successor.