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Dental Health Information for Patients
Root Canal

What are its benefits?

There are many benefits of dental implants over other available treatment options (removable dentures, dental bridge etc) for missing teeth.

1.Dental implant engages the jawbone and achieves stability; hence it behaves as close as possible to a natural tooth. The stability of dental implants is far superior to that achieved by adhesive fixed dentures and bridges.

2.As dental implant is inserted into the jawbone, no adjacent healthy teeth need to be altered for support which needs to be done in dental bridges.

3.Dental implant helps prevent bone loss which occurs in case of dentures. After a tooth is extracted, there is significant reduction in the bone volume over the years (height, width, length) due to lack of stimulation and proprioception. But if the missing tooth is restored with an implant, the patient is able to chew efficiently providing the necessary stimulation for bone growth.

4.Dental implants also improve the facial appearance. It helps prevent sagging of the face, premature wrinkles around the oral cavity, drooping of the lips etc as it maintains the surrounding bone and oro-facial structures.

Preparations before Dental Implant Procedure

Dentist will perform the intra-oral examination for accurate information involving the site of implant placement during the consult. Records needed before treatment planning of dental implants are as follows:

1. Blood sugar report

2. Vitamin C, D3 and serum calcium reports

3. Medical condition and drug history

4. Study models made from the impressions of both the jaws

5. Intra-oral periapical radiographs/ orthopantomagram (OPG)

6. CBCT/CT scans

Dental implant
Dental implant