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Harikiran AG

COVID-19 Safety Protocols at DreamSmilez

https://www.dreamsmilez.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/production-ID_4205975.mp4 Covid-19 Dreamsmilez Dental Clinic Infection Control Safety Measures Infection control protocols towards patient and clinic staff safety with specific focus on Covid-19 pandemic: Based on recommendations of: KSDC [Karnataka State Dental Council] | CDC [Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA] | ADA [American Dental Association] | WHO [ World Health Organisation] 1. Introduction COVID-19 …

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Root Canal Treatment HSR Layout Bangalore

Root Canal Treatment and Prevention

Root canal refers to a canal at the center of a tooth that is the living tissue that keeps the tooth alive. When this tissue is infected causing inflammation of the pulp, which includes blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues that leads to swelling and adding of pressure inside the tooth. This is when you require root canal Treatment.

DreamSmilez COVID Message

COVID-19 – Precautions at Dentistry

The COVID-19 virus was recently identified in saliva of infected patients. Saliva can have a pivotal role in the human-to-human transmission. Dentists and other healthcare professionals that perform aerosol-generating procedures may be unknowingly providing direct care for infected but not yet diagnosed COVID-19 patients, or those considered to be suspected cases for surveillance. As in bronchoscopy, inhalation of airborne particles and aerosols produced during dental procedures on patients with COVID-19 can be a high-risk procedure in which dentists are directly and closely exposed to this virus. Therefore, it is crucial for dentists to refine preventive strategies to avoid the COVID-19 infection by focusing on patient placement, hand hygiene and all personal protective equipment (PPE).